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KILLING MOON have always pushed the limits of their abilities and now in their upcoming album, are defining the boundaries of death and power metal. The New England based metal band are working on The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse, which is destined to become both the highlight release of the band's career. This album takes everything to the next level, as Desmond (guitars) Promises "more aggression, speed and desecration than ever before." The concept album ‘Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ is the group's most ambitious and epic offering yet.


Originally formed in 2004 in San Francisco, California by founding member Vena Kava (singer/death growl), who created the early foundations and vision for KILLING MOON.  In 2006 KILLING MOON released their debut album “Welcome to the Chapel Perilous,” which generated much attention for the band. In the summer of 2007 KILLING MOON released the single “WE MUST DIE,” which had an industrial-metal feel, and remains a favorite among many fans.  However, Kava had a grimmer and more infernal vision for the band.  In 2008 KILLING MOON moved to the New England area, where Kava recruited Michael Desmond--lead guitarist, Kezar –backup vocalist and Hammer ash—drummer, creating a whole new lineup of blasphemy. It wasn't until the release of ‘Twilight Holocaust’ and ‘Postapocalyptic Requiem’ that the band started to realize their true potential showing mature songwriting, strong classical influences, complexity, brutality, and an overall unique sound.  Since then, the band has been featured in numerous publications, including the following books: MUISIC TO DIE FOR, NEW WAVE OF AMERICAN HEAVY METAL, THRASH METAL,  and METAL QUEENS-DEATH METAL. With thousands of plays on music websites, increasing everyday, WHIPKRAFT is drawing enormous attention among the metal crowd. Make no mistake, KILLING MOON do not play around. They’re here to kill.

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